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About The Band

A tradition and a vision for the future.

Every Thursday evening from mid-June through mid-August, you will find a crowd of people of all ages gathering in Thomas Owens Park in the City of Two Harbors ready to listen to a concert performed by the Two Harbors City Band. 7:30pm arrives and the band starts up with the Star Spangled Banner with a drumroll.. the tradition continues!
The Two Harbors City Band began in 1897, with a group of 15 musicians, playing at picnics or community gatherings when called upon. Around 1922, the City Band performed at one of the Lake County Fairs. By 1925, the City Band had increased to about 25 men and they were invited to play at the Minnesota State Fair. 
During the 1920s a Duluth & Iron Range Railroad Band was formed in Two Harbors, Minnesota. This band was comprised of railroad employees only and performed at various railroad functions and some civic affairs. At this time the City Band was already performing a few summer concerts annually. When the Railroad Band disbanded in the early 1930s due to the Depression, the railroad company donated the larger instruments and their music library to the City Band, with some of this equipment and music still being used today. 
In the 1940s several of the male musicians were called into military service. It was at this time that women and Two Harbors High School students were welcomed into the City Band. Older musicians in the community and surrounding area also brushed up their music skills and joined the band, and it has continued to survive.
The Two Harbors City Band welcomes all musicians of many ages and levels, no auditions are required. If you have an instrument and can read music you are more than welcome to join the band!

Band Officers (current 2024)

Jim Glaser - President

Karen Johnson - Vice President

Alyssa Sines - Secretary

Todd Bata - Treasurer

Larry Saur, Lawrence Burkhard, Victoria Haack-Reuter - at large Directors

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